our philosophy

  • Pilates Movements Geneve Institute seeks to create a space where cheerfulness and seriousness are an integral part of the teaching of Pilates.
  • We are place of happiness, work and respect. Pilates movements promotes dialogue, sympathy, and provides its members the opportunity to be themselves and to strive for the best .... through movement and laughter.

About Pilates

  • Pilates is the result of a mixture of the desire to perform better and the reflection on the most effective ways to develop a core stability.
  • This method sets up a series of exercises with the aim of developing breath awareness, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination by the usage of the deep muscles and the mobilization of the body.


  • Focus on self and consciousness – a conscious and synchronized breathing with movement allows an alternating stimulation of various body systems: preparation for action, awareness and relaxation.
  • Balance – there is a greater development flexibility with more mobility, and at the same time a better acquisition of both internal and external forces. Both physical qualities together promote a better balance.
  • Flexibility – through exercises that work the postural openness,with the extension of the joint point, the individual acquires and improves scalability muscle groups.
  • Coordination – the alternation and combination of different positions of the hands and feet stimulates the creation of new motor patterns. In addition, adding additional stress exercises promotes individual concentration
  • Force – from the development of the internal force for the actuation of the deep muscles in synergy with the superficial muscles, the individual creates core stabilization. Therefore a better muscle balance provides an overall energy saving in every action.

The combination of all the above-mentionned points will result in an increase of the body’s strength.